Farmers have been urged to utilise land productively and support government initiatives such as the command agriculture programme.

The command agriculture programme has been a game changer for many farmers who have managed to surpass previous production targets, ensuring that Zimbabwe does not have to import grain.

One such farmer, Colonel John Dzingai, who is based in Nyanga, said he is optimistic of greater gains under the command agriculture programme.

“The command agriculture programme has allowed thousands of farmers to be food self-sufficient as well as contributing to the national basket. We have 10 hectares under maize and we expect to harvest 11 tonnes from each of them,” said Colonel Dzingai.

There is agreement that agriculture in Zimbabwe must be premised on using the best varieties for maximum output.

“We need high yielding varieties to ensure that the nation becomes food self-sufficient. Farmers must also take time to ensure that they have the right varieties in line with the particular region,” SEEDCO Marketing Manager, Ms Locadia Ganjani said.

Another farmer and ZNA Commander 3 Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Joe Muzvidziwa said the nation must realise that programmes such as command agriculture provide the bedrock that guarantees the nation does not go hungry.

The success of the command agriculture programme was also instrumental in meeting the strategic grain reserve target of 500 000 metric tonnes.

There are also indications are that agriculture growth will be around 10.7 percent this year.