The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) says Zimbabwe must adopt policies that promote the use of vehicles with low fuel consumption.

This is part of the Global Fuel Initiative to have attained 50 percent use of fuel efficient vehicles by 2050.

Zimbabwe is set to follow the Global Fuel Initiative that promote the use of vehicles with low fuel consumption levels.

ZERA chief executive officer Engineer Gloria Magombo says there is need to adopt policies that save and promote clean environment and reduce emissions.

Global Fuel Initiative representative Ms Annah Amukwa says her organisation is aimed at reducing the use of high fuel consumption vehicles by 50 percent by year 2050.

They are targeting at about the use of vehicles that consume one litre of fuel for 25 km.

The initiative is looking at putting restrictions on the importation of aged vehicles and recommended the importation of vehicles of less than five to eight years old.