A recent research by the University of Zimbabwe has exposed health implications associated with the use of kaylites for food packaging.

Fast food consumers may be blindly taking in a dangerous chemical from food packaged in kaylites which may gradually develop into cancer, lung and liver problems.

Research conducted by the food and science department at the University of Zimbabwe exposed these serious health implications as outlined by one of the researchers,  Dr Batsirayi Chipurura.

The research recommended that there is urgent need to look for alternative packaging to safeguard against the effects of kaylites on health and the environment, notes Dr Emilia Guchu.

Last year the government through Environmental Management Agency proposed to put to effect statutory instrument 84 of 2012 of the plastic regulations amendment which also prohibits the use of kaylites but nothing has been done so far.

Some countries such as France, Eritrea and Ethiopia strictly regulate all food packaging to avoid environment and health implications.