The United States of America (USA) has renewed talks with Zimbabwe over a possible removal of a hunting trophy import ban on the country in a move likely to restore viability for the industry.

The ban on hunting trophies in Zimbabwe four years ago has seen revenues from the industry dropping significantly as the USA used to account for a huge proportion of earnings on a yearly basis.

With the 2017 hunting season having started earlier this month, source markets such as Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, among others, are taking part with concern being raised over whether the USA will eventually lift its ban on zimbabwe.

Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe (SOAZ) President, Mr Emmanuel Fundira said USA is in talks with regulatory authorities over the proposed lifting of a ban by June, a development likely to increase earnings.

“What more can you expect at a time when the country is experiencing more challenges?” he asked.

The USA import ban on trophies from Zimbabwe has negatively affected foreign exchange contributions by the hunting sector which is also considered as an important element to economic development.