US$350 000 has been injected into emergency road rehabilitation for Masvingo Province with work having already started in areas that were damaged by floods.

Over the years, the road infrastructure in rural Masvingo has continued to deteriorate and lack of resources has seen some bridges that were washed away as far back as the year 2000 still not repaired to date.

The District Development Fund (DDF) has set aside US$350 000 availed by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) which saw emergency road infrastructure work being done between March and May.

DDF executives visited some of the rehabilitated areas and expressed satisfaction with progress on the ground.

“Our visit was so that we can assess the work that was done under the emergency road maintenance plan. Some roads were now inaccessible and locals were having a hard time,” said Mr Wilfred Kachitsa, the DDF Director Finance and Administration.

DDF Masvingo Provincial Coordinator, Mr Marasa Gutukunhuwa said while major progress has been made, areas like Zaka, Bikita and Mwenezi still have damaged roads and bridges that need urgent attention, hence more funds are required.

The second phase of rehabilitating infrastructure is set to commence shortly.

DDF officials said more funds are expected from ZINARA and the second phase will not just focus on repairs but will see some roads being re-graded.