The government is set to launch the US$300 million Command Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Wildlife programme tomorrow at the Munhumutapa building in Harare. 

The programme seeks to enhance livestock production and will cover all aspects of livestock including beef cattle, dairy cows, pigs, sheep, goats, fish, wildlife and small stock such as poultry and rabbits.

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri announced the development today while giving an update to the country’s 10 ministers of state for provincial affairs on land and agriculture issues.

“There is generally sufficient maize seed to cater for all farmers including those planting under the Command Agriculture Programme. Let me also take this opportunity to advise you that there shall be a lunch of the command agriculture livestock fisheries and wildlife programme tomorrow,” he said.

On the 2017/18 summer cropping season, Minister Shiri said the only challenge being faced is increased demand for high yielding medium and long season varieties.

Seed houses are therefore importing supplementary seeds to address the situation. Efforts are also being made to secure funding for inputs that may currently be in short supply.