business delegation 2.jpgOrganisers of the CEOs Roundtable have revised time frames for attaining a US$100 billion economy by 2030 ahead of the 4th edition of the roundtable scheduled for Victoria Falls from the 16th of this month.

The target for attaining the Chief Executive Officers US$100 billion economy was revised upwards from 2030 to 2040 in order to align the targets with those of government.

The idea of Zimbabwe attaining a GDP of US$100 billion was conceived at last years’ CEO’s Roundtable in Nyanga by players from business and government.

Addressing journalists in the capital ahead of the CEOs Roundtable set for next week, KM Financial Solutions Business Development Executive, Mr. Patridge Sibanda said the most important aspect of attaining the targets is the creation of an environment conducive to attain double digit growth and not a limited time frame.

KM Financial Solutions Chief Financial Architect, Mr. Kennias Mafukidze highlighted that over the past year, his firm created buy-in from local stakeholders on the concept and the coming CEOs Roundtable will now focus on the technical aspect of attaining this goal.

Several countries in Asia have attained multi- billion dollar economies that seemed unachievable.

Malaysia’s economy rose from US$2 billion in 1950 to attain a GDP of US$257 billion in 2010.

Some of the key targets of the concept are a GDP per capita of US$7 000, formal employment reaching US$3.2 million and bank deposit figures of up to US$20 billion by 2040.