sk moyo 23-02-11.jpgZANU PF says the move by American President Barack Obama to extend illegal sanctions by another 12 months will not inhibit the empowerment drive meant to ensure that Zimbabweans are left in total control of their wealth and resources.

ZANU PF National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo told ZBC News that Mr. Obama’s move to extend illegal sanctions is a non-event that will not deter the people’s empowerment drive launched to ensure that Zimbabweans are masters of their destiny in economic terms.

Ambassador Moyo also expressed disappointment at the US stance to involve itself in a purely bilateral matter which he says is solely between Zimbabwe and Britain.

“It’s a shame that the US finds itself entangled in a bilateral dispute between Zimbabwe and Britain. America should be ashamed of itself.

“Zimbabweans will continue to fight for the right to self determination, particularly in economic terms,” said Ambassador Moyo.

The United States this week announced the extension of illegal sanctions regime with effect from the 6th of March.

The European Union also extended its own illegal sanctions last month by a year in what analysts have described as organised efforts to completely increase the oppression levers on Zimbabwe by the West.

The move has come a few days after the launch of the National Anti-sanctions Petition Campaign which seeks to gather over 2 million signatures calling for the unconditional removal of all illegal sanctions imposed by the West and its allies.