Visiting American acapella group, Street Corner Symphony and local all-female outfit, Nobuntu thrilled fans at a concert hosted by the United States Embassy at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.

Street Corner Symphony’s tour of the country which also included performances at the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) was organised as a way of providing linkages between the US and Zimbabwean musicians.

Workshops with children and musicians were conducted during their tour of Zimbabwe as they also had an opportunity to learn about the country’s traditional music.

A musical concert jointly hosted with Nobuntu saw fans being treated to some great artistry by the two groups in a packed art gallery.

Street Corner got the fans up on their feet in dance when they performed a rendition of Madlela’s Wamnanka.

Nobuntu had earlier on endeared itself with the fans with some polished performances reminding many of yester-year greats in Mahotela Queens.

In an interview, US Embassy in Zimbabwe spokesperson, David McGuire indicated that music and the arts had a great power of bringing people together.

Street Corner Symphony group members, Jeremy Lister and Armand Hops Hutton revealed their excitement at having been in Zimbabwe and paid tribute to the hospitality of the citizens.

Acapella music has been a growing genre of music which has transcended the original myth of being just gospel to being used to portray various secular messages.

If the attendance and reactions by the fans is anything to go by, then the opportunities for the style of music are immense.