african-american  eu diplomats.jpgEurope and the United States have been sending envoys to Africa of African descent all in the hope of hoodwinking the African leaders into agreeing with their grand schemes of subjugation and exploitation.

Several ambassadors that are sent to African countries are of African descent. A case in point are former ambassadors Ray Charles, James MacGee and Jonny Carson, former US ambassador Susan Page, who recently visited Zimbabwe, former minister in the Blair government Valerie Amos and many others who have been carrying messages from both the White House and Whitehall to Zimbabwe, anticipating to win the hearts and minds of the  local  leadership.

Political commentators and analysts, Alexander Kanengoni and Munyaradzi Machacha said the job of US president is a straight jacket as he carries the mandate of those people who make America tick.

“When the Pentagon was asked if they could tolerate a black president they informed the journalists that whether black or white this job is a straight jacket,” said Machacha.

He said: “People of African descent in America have quickly forgotten their history that they were taken to that country as slaves and they should continue carrying that baggage by being dispatched to Africa carrying the message of subjugation of African people.”

“African-Americans should be like the Jewish people in the United States who have Israel at heart before anything else and if they do so their presence in the power corridors will add value to Africa’s independence and dignity,” Kanengoni added.