mombeshora 10.12.10.jpgAn alarming increase in the number of Zimbabweans suffering from kidney ailments and urinary complications has been recorded in the country, with experts attributing it to different varieties of libido enhancers.

The desire to enhance sex drive and body shape has seen many men and women resorting to different kinds of medications, ranging from the traditional concoctions, blue diamond pills and in some cases Viagra.

The situation has resulted in some making un-informed decisions on the type of drugs to take.

The dilemma for many people has been worsened by the proliferation of different kinds of herbal medicines that are being imported mostly from Asia and neighbouring countries.

Local pharmacies are also now stocking a wide variety of libido enhancers such as the blue pill or Viagra, while some people are making a living from selling Chinese herbal concoctions.

Unsure of which type of medication to rely on, some people are even combining the different varieties.

An Urologist, who is also the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Douglas Mombeshora expressed concern at the development and warned people to desist from experimenting with anything introduced on the market.

Despite the obvious danger associated with the drugs, people who make a living from the selling of traditional libido enhancers commonly referred to as Vhuka-vhuka confirmed the rise in demand of the products.

While most classified sections of most newspapers are now filled with advertisements of artificial libido enhancers, what has not been highlighted is the number of people who fall sick or die due to side effects of these drugs.