Judicial officers have been called upon to uphold their oath of office and stay clear of corrupt practices which taint the honourable profession.

The call was made during a send-off ceremony for a long serving magistrate in the capital.

Mr Hazviitike Never Diza has bid the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) farewell having served within the magistracy for the past 34 years with a clean record.

His word of advice to his colleagues remaining on the bench is to uphold the ethics of the noble profession of dispensing justice fairly without any prejudice.

On behalf of the JSC family, Chief Magistrate Mishrod Guvamobe bid farewell to the outgoing magistrate commending him for having remained honourable throughout his period of service.

Mr Diza joined the bench as a presiding officer in the Ministry of Justice on the 6th of July 1983 and he worked in various provinces until he was posted to Norton where he was the resident magistrate.