Small scale gold miners who managed to produce over 13 tonnes of the yellow metal last year have been advised to further up-grade their operations and consider the use of chemicals in the extraction of gold given that this is the most efficient way of recovering gold from ore.

The uptake of technology in the mining sector has been identified as key in the transformation of the operations of small scale gold miners, whose major challenge has been the ability to effectively recover the mineral in areas that have high concentration of other impurities.

Currently, most if not all small scale miners are only accessing free gold which is found between the ground level and 42 meters underground.

“Small scale miners must consider upgrading their operations by establishing sludge treatment centers in their mines,” a mining consultant, Mr Edward Muchengeti said.

Following the on-going mine mechanisation programme by Fidelity Printers and Refineries, which is part of the broad strategy to mop-up all the gold produced locally, small scale miners are set to be the leaders in producing the yellow metal.

The government has this year increased the allocation to small scale miners from $80 million to $150 million, an indication of growing business relations between the government and small scale miners whose target this year is set at 35 tonnes of gold.