The Chibuwe community has called for the establishment of a sugar beans agro-processing plant and upgrading of the local business centre into a growth point stating that the envisaged proposals are in line with the country’s devolution agenda.

Economic activities in Chibuwe revolve around agriculture with the area being among leading producers of sugar beans in communal areas, but the development of the local business centre has been very slow over the years.

Musikavanhu constituency legislator Retired Colonel Joshua Murire says Chibuwe which is one of the leading producers of beans in the country still remain just a mere business centre despite having potential to be developed into a growth point.

He says due to the increased population in the area concentrated around the business centre, there is pressure to upgrade Chibuwe into a growth point and expand the irrigation schemes as well as starting a sugar beans processing plant among other initiatives.

“Chibuwe needs to be developed into a growth point. There is need to develop more irrigation schemes and an agro processing plant in the area among other initiatives such as establishment of wholesale facilities among key services offered in the growth points,” said Retired Colonel Murire.

The community says there is pressure for greater services in the areas of education, health and transport among others, hence the need to upgrade the local business centre in order to cater for the increased demand.

“There is need for more schools and clinics as well as rehabilitation of roads among key services that we require,” said one entrepreneur who operates at Chibuwe Business Centre.

The greater part of Chibuwe is on a flat land hence the need to work on a drainage system to avoid water lodging and flooding in the event of heavy rains.

The calls for developing potential business centres into growth points are in line with the country’s devolution process.