mnangagwa.jpgThe Minister of Defence Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has reminded the United States of America and other western countries that United Nations organs such as the Security Council are established to resolve conflicts and not to fuel war or to bully small nations like what is being done to sovereign states like Zimbabwe.

Cde Mnangagwa who was speaking at the official launch of the 2010 edition of the international day of the United Nations peacekeepers, said while the United Nations Security Council should be responsible for endorsing peacekeeping missions in conflict zones, it is unfortunate that the United States and the so-called powerful nations continue to abuse the security organs at the expense of other sovereigns member states like Zimbabwe.


“The philosophy of the UN charter I would to believe was made to resolve conflict in war zones, and it is unfortunate that some powerful countries like the USA, continue to abuse the organs of the UN such the security council to bully small nations, but as in the case of Zimbabwe it was unfortunate the while the USA tried to invoke chapter 7 of the UN charter citing lack of democracy in their failed attempt to invade Zimbabwe it failed as sober nations blocked the move because Zimbabwe is a sovereign state”, hinted the Defence Minister.


Launching the 62nd anniversary of the International Day of the United Nations peacekeepers, the Minister of Defence Cde Mnangagwa outreach programs that will see teams comprising the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Prison Services and United Nations officials have been organized in line with the UN policy to impart knowledge to school going age on the role of UN in conflict resolutions.


Cde Mnangagwa noted that the continued invitation of Zimbabwe to the UN peacekeeping duties is ample testimony and an expression of confidence and trust in Zimbabwe’s security personnel. 

“The programme is aimed at education and inculcating in students of school going age knowledge and understanding of the role UN nations peacekeepers throughout the world,  as you know Zimbabwe active participations only started in 1991 with the request of the UN and so far it has participated in various mission,’’ added Cde Mnangagwa


To be held under the theme “Haiti Standing: Zimbabwe, 19 years of UN peacekeeping,’’ Cde Mnangagwa said this year’s commemorations will avail Zimbabwe with an opportunity to showcase its contributions and achievements under the banners of the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions. The main celebrations for this year’s International Day of the Peacekeepers will be held in Bulawayo on the 29th of May.