crusade.jpgThe gospel crusade recently held by the United Family Inter-Denominational Ministries in Harare has been described as a great success.


“The crusade was a success even before it began,” the Organisation’s spokesperson, Israel Gumunyu, said.

Gumunyu said the six-day event was evidence that God has remembered Zimbabwe and has raised a man, Reverend Makandiwa for this age.

He said: “…we are now going to our Canaan.”


He said they witnessed a mighty move of God on Monday, the first day, where no bible was opened and no gospel was preached, yet over 1200 people gave their lives to Christ.

Gumunyu added that the average daily attendance was around 1 000, with close to 5 000 people being born again.


About 1 400 converts were baptised on Sunday, out of the 5 000 people who gave their lives to Christ.