cain mathema 08.12.10.jpgAlmost two weeks before the commemoration of Unity Day which marks the signing of the 1987 Unity Accord by ZANU-PF and PF-ZAPU, politicians from the former parties say working together  for a common good cause has never been anything new in Zimbabwe since the first Chimurenga.


Bulawayo Metropolitan Governor and Resident Minister, Cde Cain Mathema who is a former PF-ZAPU member says Zimbabweans have always worked together and the 1987 Unity Accord was a confirmation of that long standing fact.


While applauding Zimbabweans for managing to bury their differences, Cde Mathema said that there is need to form a united front in the fight against the new adversary; sanctions that have destroyed a lot that Zimbabweans worked to attain over time.


“The concept of unity is not new in Zimbabwe, people in this country have always worked together and when PF-ZAPU and ZANU-PF came together in 1987, it was a confirmation of that longstanding fact,” Cde Mathema said.


ZANU-PF Secretary for Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment in the Zvimba District Co-ordinating Committee, Francis Mukwangwariwa also recounted how Zimbabweans from the first Chimurenga/Umvukela through to the 60s and 70s liberation struggle fought as a united front.


While ZANLA and ZIPRA guerillas fought side by side in the struggle that finally brought the country independence, Cde Mukwangwariwa said there is need emulate that oneness in the fight for economic emancipation.


“From the first Chimurenga to the 70s liberation struggle, Zimbabweans have always worked as a united front,” said Cde Mukwangwariwa.


Former ZANU-PF National Executive Member in the Youth League, Cde Thomas Machisa says there is need to take into account that the Unity Day goes far beyond tribal boundaries and encompasses all Zimbabweans.


He urged Zimbabweans to guard jealously the legacy created by the late Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo and Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe who signed the unity accord on behalf of their parties.


“Zimbabweans should guard jealously the unity legacy created by the late Dr Joshua Nkomo and President Mugabe who signed the Unity Accord o behalf of their parties,” Cde Machisa said.


The Unity Accord of 1987 was signed between ZANU-PF and PF- ZAPU on December 22, 1987.


Analysts say it was a confirmation of a common vision and destiny fashioned in the common fight for a liberated Zimbabwe which is free from colonial or neo-colonial oppression.