unilever.jpgOne hundred and eighty Unilever employees who allege to have been unfairly dismissed by their employer are still to be reinstated three months after an arbitrator ruled in their favour.

At a time some companies are complying with government’s indigenisation and economic empowerment laws such as giving workers part ownership, others such as Unilever Zimbabwe are taking the country back to the dark period of treating workers as slaves.

The company which is a subsidiary of Unilever South East Africa and has headquarters in Harare’s Lighton area has defied a court order to pay workers and has gone on to fire them for asking for the money which was awarded by an arbitrator.

Over 180 workers from the company have been fired with no pay.

The letters of dismissal were signed by one, Mr. Dzingai Mukote.

Some of the employees who spoke to ZBC News implored government to intervene and assist them, and also lambasted workers unions for failing to represent their interests.

The employees and their families have been stranded since October when they were issued with letters of dismissal after raising complaints to the management over non-payment of salaries.

When this news crew arrived at Unilever offices during the demonstration the gates to the premises were locked.

Efforts to get a comment from one of the directors, Mr. Tapiwa Mugore were in vain as he rudely referred this reporter to the company’s lawyer identified as Garry who said the company had appealed against the court’s decision.