Motorists have called upon the relevant authorities to exercise their supervisory role in clamping down companies that are destroying infrastructure by digging trenches on tarred roads and disappearing without repairing them.

Driving through some major roads in Harare has over the past months turned into a nightmare as motorists are forced to endure the trail of destruction being caused by some companies that are digging trenches cutting across roads and just disappearing without patching them.

Motorists expressed outrage over the companies and relevant authorities whom they blame for turning a blind eye while roads are being damaged on a daily basis.

Efforts to get comment from the Harare City Council Spokesman, Micheal Chideme on what the by-laws say about such malpractices where fruitless.

Observers say while urgent action should be taken to bring those responsible for the road defacing to book, the local authority must also be held liable for allowing such negligence.