united-nations-headquarters.jpgBy Tendai Moyo

The Palestinian Authority’s bid to secure the ratification of its statehood at the United Nations is surely going to hit a brick wall as the world body itself is deeply hamstrung by imperial machinations that have hugely eroded its universal credibility, independence and effectiveness.

Already the US has unequivocally declared that it will veto any UN resolution that seeks to recognize Palestine as an independent state. In fact, in June the US Senate passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama to veto any Palestinian bid to secure its statehood.

This was followed by a proclamation in August by the US Consular General in Jerusalem Daniel Rubinstein in which he was quoted saying that ‘in case the Palestinian Authority seeks to upgrade its position at the UN through the General Assembly, the US Congress will take punitive measures against it, including a cut in US aid”.

It is worth noting that the Palestinian Authority is heavily depended on donor aid and receives roughly $470million in aid from the United States, which constitutes 10% of the authority’s $3.7 billion annual budget.

Notwithstanding this, the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, intimated that if the Palestinian bid succeeds, her country could withdraw funding for the UN which is estimated at $500million a year. As such, it is clear that the US is prepared to unyieldingly employ its entire arsenal to scuttle the Palestinian bid.

The only crime the Palestinians have committed is having a Hamas component that is regarded as a constant terrorist threat to the safety and security of the American fiefdom of Israel.

It should be noted that when it comes to defending imperial interests, there is no regard for democracy or human rights. In Palestine, children and women are dying daily of hunger and diseases due to the effects of the pernicious blockade arbitrarily imposed by the Israeli. The situation is further compounded by indiscriminate and incessant bombings by the Israeli army targeted at hospitals, schools and homes.

Furthermore, the so-called peace talks that have dragged on for two decades have stalled as the Israelites have refused to halt its illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian land. As a result, Palestinian people have therefore pinned their hope for peace and respite on their appeal for recognition as an independent state at the UN. Yet the United States find it justifiable to stand in the way of such an unassailable call for liberation.

It is clear that no one can step on imperial toes and expect to remain unscathed. The US is now ready to use the UN as a pliable turf to fight their hegemonic wars in the Middle East regardless of its unimaginable toll on innocent citizens.

Antithetically, the Americans and their European acolytes have, through the pretext of the responsibility to protect innocent citizens under the auspices of a UN resolution, plotted and militarily unseated the government of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. The question is who now has the responsibility to protect the innocent citizens of Palestine who are bombarded on a daily basis and systematically starved through an unjustifiable blockade.

What is clear though is that the United Nations is no longer a peace promoting organisation but a war mongering group that tacitly blessed the illegal seizure of power in Libya. It is also no longer a democratic organisation that represents the interests of all its members. For it had been hijacked by imperial wolves who now uses it as a platform to legitimize, deodorize and sanitize their atrocious and self serving military forays against global citizens.

It is difficult to comprehend how the same organisation could grant the National Transitional Council of Libya its request for a seat in the world body and yet it is glaringly spineless to stop a world bully from stopping the Palestinians from gaining their statehood. Still more, how can the same organisation expeditiously resolve to lift sanctions on Libyans yet turn a blind eye on international pleas for the immediate removal of the Israeli blockade on Palestine?

The imperial game is definitely at play here. The UN system treats you depending on whether you are on the side of the imperialists or not. Once you are on the wrong side, which is the anti-imperialist side, you are doomed like the Palestinians who will unquestionably lose their bid to be an independent state.

If the United Nations was a democratic and inclusive organisation, the Palestinian bid would have come to fruition since the Palestinian Authority enjoys indubitable support from 127 members of the UN who have established diplomatic relations with the beleaguered nation since 1991. If these members were going to be given a chance they will definitely vote for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

However, the stark reality is that the voices of the majority members are sadly going to be drowned by the veto of the dictatorial Americans. This is the democratic deficiency that has afflicted the world body and needs to be rectified by an overhaul of the whole system. A new system that eliminate the veto power and lends an ear to the majority should be put in place.

To prevent arm twisting and nose thumbing tactics by the imperial quarters, all members should stand ready to proportionately finance operations of the world body and never to repose this obligations to the hegemonic western countries.

Without any comprehensive reforms, the United Nations will remain a pliant imperial tentacle used to advance and entrench western hegemony against other disempowered global citizens whose bid for multilateralism will remain adversely undermined.



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