world investment report 2011.jpgUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development has launched the World Investment Report 2011 amid indications that global foreign direct investments are 15% below the pre-crisis levels though marginal increases have been recorded in developing countries.

The investment report focuses on the levels of foreign direct investments in the world and proffer measures that can be adopted by various nations towards increasing the inflow of investment.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country Director, Ms Christine Umutoni said the report has been launched at a time when economies are still emerging from the devastating impact of the global financial and economic crisis hence the need for countries to embark on promoting intra-regional trade.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Richard Mubaiwa said global foreign direct investment inflows reached US$1,24 trillion last year as compared to the pre-crisis levels of US$1,6 trillion in 2007.

The World Investment Report 2011 has been launched under the theme: ‘Non-equity modes of international production and development,’ which calls for policy makers to consider attracting investment in contract farming, toll manufacturing among others.