president robert mugabe un 2011.jpgThe 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly was officially opened by UN Secretary-General Ban ki Moon at the UN headquarters in New York this Wednesday evening, with calls for poverty eradication, peace and security, strengthening and protecting women and children and the need to work towards climate change.

Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe is expected to take to the floor at the General Assembly this Thursday evening.

Zimbabwe like other countries in Africa and the rest of the developing world is expected to voice in support of the Palestinian bid for UN membership as it has always supported the Palestinian struggle for self determination.

Cde Mugabe is also expected to address the world leaders on the need for the reform and democratisation of the United Nations and especially the UN Security Council which the super powers are abusing by using it to advance their own agenda and domination as was demonstrated in Libya where the resolution for a no fly zone is now being used to bombard and destroy the North African country.

Developing countries, including Africa are calling for the inclusion of the smaller nations in the Security Council and the abolition of the veto.

They say according to the African Union agreement reached at Ezulwini in Swaziland, Africa should have two permanent representatives in the Security Council with the veto if the big powers retain it.

Developing countries including Zimbabwe are also of the view that the General Assembly which is made up of all 194 members of the United Nations should be given the power to override some of the decisions of the UN Security Council which only has 15 countries and sometimes just the one that will be wielding the veto.

President Mugabe is also expected to pronounce Zimbabwe’s condemnation of sanctions as a tool for foreign policy, in accordance with the resolution passed by the Assembly two years ago.

US President Barak Obama, who was one of the speakers during the opening ceremony boasted of the west’s successes in attaining regime change in North Africa through the Arab spring.

He once again pronounced his support for Palestine’s membership of the UN but fearing the backlash from hardliners supporting Israel, Obama was quick to say that the issue has to be solved through a negotiated settlement by Israel and Palestine.