United Nations agencies operating in Zimbabwe have pledged to work with government on socio-economic developmental programmes.

The recently held UN and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation meeting saw UN agencies expressing interest in working with the national broadcaster in communicating developmental issues with the public.

ZBC acting chief executive officer, Mr Patrick Mavhura said the corporation is ready to work with the UN agencies.

“We are now waiting for more cooperation with you and do not let us down,” Mr Mavhura said.

Food and Agriculture Organisation sub regional coordinator, Dr David Phiri said the organisation will continue helping Zimbabwe.

“We now need to enhance more growth opportunities for the sake of boosting productivity,” said Mr Phiri.

Focus is also on the development of social services, according to UNICEF deputy representative, Dr Jane Muita.

“Social services are critical as we seek to embrace more growth and unlock development,” she said.

Emergency relief programmes are also of greater importance, said UN High Commission for Refugees ( UNHCR) representative, Mr Robert Tibagwa.

Mr Tibagwa said; “We are really happy that our programmes area also yielding the desired results for the benefit of the nation”.

Head of the World Food Programme (WFP), Mr Joao Manja said the marginalised and vulnerable communities are also benefitting from the UN.

“The communities are also benefitting and we are really happy over such an important aspect,” said Mr Manja.

Zimbabwe’s education sector is also benefitting from ICT technical help, according to UNESCO regional officer for Southern Africa, Ms Carolyn Anonnevo.

“What more can we say as we are also doing our best to develop the  nation and operate under the guidelines of sustainable development goals,” Ms Anonnevo said.

The UN is working with the government to ensure the 17 sustainable development goals will yield the desired results.