A driver died on the spot when a Mazda twin cab he was driving veered off the road hitting the bridge at Umguza river along the Bulawayo-Gwanda road before side swiping with a bus.

The accident that happened around 10am this morning led to a traffic jam of over an hour as the wreckage of the twin cab blocked the road.

Two passengers were also seriously injured and rushed to hospital for treatment.

Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Precious Simango said she could not immediately give a comment on the issue as she was out of office.

Eyewitnesses, however, said the driver of the twin cab tried to overtake a bus at the bridge resulting in the fateful accident.

“I had just overtaken a car that was in from of me and as I approached the bridge I realised the car at a distant but coming at a high speed. I then moved to the left lane only to hear a bang and all I could do was to control the bus to safety and it’s only now that I realise I was involved in such a horrific accident,” said the bus driver Mr Maluckson Nkomo.

Several people have reportedly perished at this Umguza bridge prompting people in this area to coin this place a black spot.

Stakeholders in the traffic safety industry have implored motorists to exercise caution on the country’s major highways as a way to preserve lives.