bingu wa mutarika1 23.09.2010.jpgIn a clear case of political meddling and outright western interference, Britain has suspended aid to Malawi over unfounded complaints of poor governance.

In a statement, Malawi’s President, Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika described himself as a very open person and a democrat.
Dr Wa Mutharika’s statement comes after the exaggerated concerns of Malawi’s civil society that were leaked in a British diplomatic cable accusing him of becoming more autocratic and intolerant of criticism; leading to London suspending about £19m of budgetary aid meant for anti-poverty programmes in Malawi.

Britain said the aid suspension was to address UK concerns over “economic mismanagement and governance”, but Wa Mutharika insisted that Malawi was being wrongly victimized and would not apologise.

This is not the first time that Britain has been accused of interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state.

The country and its allies imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in a futile bid to reverse Zimbabwe’s land reform programme.

They falsely accused the government of mismanagement and failing to uphold the rule of law.