carol verner.jpgMany African authors find writing about their personal experiences to be very intimidating as it sometimes entails revealing family secrets. 


 Carol Verner, a Zimbabwean based in the UK overcame the hurdle and managed to publish her first book – “Jesus Christ the Healer of My Life’ based on her true life experiences.

Many people have written on the subject of Christianity and the power of Christ to heal, making it difficult to bring something new in that field.


However, a Zimbabwean woman based in the UK, Carol Verner has broken into that elite group of writers who have touched the lives of many people through testifying power of Christ through a personal life experience.


The book “Jesus Christ, the healer of my life” was launched in Harare over the weekend and several guests attended the occasion.


The book talks about Carol Verner’s turbulent childhood and how she was rescued from the devil’s traps.


She takes readers through her life revealing how she took a stance and declared that family beliefs were not going to dictate her future.


Verner began to write the book when she was 7 months pregnant but she completed it two years later.


Brazilian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Raul de Taunay who was part of the people who witnessed the book launch said it is crucial for people from other cultures to read and learn about how other people live as it widens their scope and gives a different perspective to life.

Some of the people who have read the book testified that the book is an inspiration and anyone who is going through difficult  times will be uplifted after reading it.

Carol’s book explores topics which are usually regarded as no go areas in the Zimbabwean setting such as goblins, evil spirits and how families use juju to find riches.


Carol Verner was born on the 25th of December 1975 in Zimbabwe and is the eldest child in a family of 6 children.


She has just started writing her second book which she says gives hope to people who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.