jane doka perfoming.jpgUnited Kingdom based Zimbabwean gospel musician, Jane Doka has released a live musical DVD album titled ‘Reflections-Mirangariro’ with the help of various other artists based in the diaspora.

Doka joined hands with various artists the include Esther Mukazika and Dereck Mpofu, among others, all based in the UK, to produce the DVD and audio album titled Reflections-Mirangariro.

The track ‘Proudly African’ explains why Africans wherever they are should value black history and empowerment.

“We musicians based in the diaspora value the fact that Zimbabweans should embrace the importance of black empowerment hence the production of the song Proudly African, among others,” Doka said.

The 27 year old Doka has previously performed alongside Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave during the Mystery in Stone Sounds of Africa Show in Birmingham in September 2009.

Through her music, Doka attempts to bring a different aura to gospel music unlike the general trend in Zimbabwe where this type of music tends to be rather repetitive.

The music brands Rhumba, Jazz and Sungura.