kidnapping.jpgIn a development that will leave many parents pondering upon the safety of their children, cases of child kidnapping are on the rise in Harare.



Police confirmed four cases of kidnap between the 16th and 30th of June, saying three of the abducted children are under the age of three.


Police spokesman, Inspector James Sabau said the latest case is that of a Form Two Glenview 3 girl who was abducted on the 28th of June and only managed to escape after seven days.


“We have recorded four cases with the first being that of a 4-month old baby from Whitecliffe,” said Inspector Sabau.


Inspector Sabau says police are looking for Glenda Muungani whom they want for questioning in connection with the Glenview case. He urged the public to be wary of strangers as the kidnappings involve people of different ages.


“We are urging the public to be wary of strangers and to report all cases of kidnap and abduction to the police as soon as possible,” he said.


The revelations by the police follow concerns over the safety of children expressed by Harare and Bulawayo residents, following reports of kidnapping of children in most of the western suburbs of the two cities.