Team Zimbabwe (TZ) wheelchair and handball cycling racers is appealing for $31 000 to fulfill the Outeniqua International Wheelchair Challenge pencilled for George this month.

Despite competing in the same distances with able bodied athletes, the wheelchair and hand cycling sport remained unpopular with some questioning the funding of the sport.

However, results at a glance have shown the sport is achieving results as justified by the number of medals scooped in two successive Outeniqua International Challenges in George.

The team is set to depart for another showdown this month but at this pace, the dreams of the athletes might just disappear into mere castles unless the corporate world chips in and avail the $31 000 needed to ferry 16 athletes and four officials.

Team captain Edmund Makucha and racer Margaret Bangajena believes failure to fulfill the George showdown might jeopardise the athletes who have fine-tuned and readied themselves for the event.

Alford Moyo who has shined on the international stage in Korea and Japan said rubbing shoulders with elite athletes is what the team is yearning for.

The team produced 10 gold and 6 bronze medals in 2016 and 2017 while 4 silver medals were achieved during the two successive years.

The team has received some funding from its traditional sponsors though the amount does not meet the air tickets and transport for the team.