Two white South African farmers have been convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping after forcing a black man into a coffin.

Theo Martins Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen were found guilty of beating Victor Mlotshwa (27) and making him get into the coffin sometime in August 2016.  

The pair denied the charges but were convicted and will be sentenced on 23 October.

The case has caused outrage in South Africa and highlighted racial tensions in some farming communities.

Mr Mlotshwa only reported the matter after footage of the assault emerged on YouTube months later.

His attackers threatened to douse him in petrol and burn him alive.

In a court affidavit, Jackson and Oosthuizen claimed that Mr Mlotshwa had been trespassing on their land, adding that they did not mean to harm him but merely wanted to “teach him a lesson”.

As Judge Segopotje Mphahlele read out the guilty verdict in Middelburg Magistrates Court on Friday, supporters of the victim burst into songs of celebration.

Judge Mphahlele told the court that she was satisfied that the prosecution had proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and that it was clear that the convicted men intended to kill the victim.

The prosecutor has asked the court to revoke their bail for security reasons.