Two murderers have been sentenced to death after being convicted of stabbing to death a Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) member.

Admire Maorere (28) of Maorere village under Chief Ndanga and Windas Munzweru (27) of Chidyamatombo in Karoi were found guilty of stabbing a ZNA Captain, Phio Jeketera several times all over his body leading to his death.

Prosecutor Tawanda Chikwati said on the 19th of May, Jeketera was travelling from Harare to Zaka when he gave a lift to Maorere and Munzweru who were going to Gutu.

At Gutu turn off, the two are said to have produced an okapi knife and demanded money from Jeketera.

Jeketera is said to have resisted, before the two convicts dragged him to the side of the road and stabbed him.

Prosecutor Chikwati said the two then took his phone and cash amounting to $540 and they put Jeketera’s body in the boot before driving off towards Masvingo city where they dumped the vehicle by the road side, a kilometer from the city center.

The court heard that Jeketera’s body was discovered in his dumped car by police officers who were manning a road block.

The body was taken to Masvingo general hospital were a post mortem was conducted by Dr Godfrey Zimbwa, who revealed that Jeketera died of hemorrhage shock as a result of wounds from the numerous stabs.

The police arrested the two through a cellphone vendor based in Masvingo who bought Jeketera’s phone from the two.

Delivering the sentence, Masvingo High Court judge, Justice Garainesu Mawadze, who set with assessors; Samuel Mutomba and Joseph Mushuku, said the actions of the two were in common purpose to kill the deceased.

Justice Mawadze said according to section 47 (2) of the constitution, a law may permit the death penalty to be imposed only on a person convicted of murder committed in aggravating circumstances.