The Minister of Mines and Mining Development will have to reintroduce the Mines and Mining Development Bill and the Minerals Exploration Bill in parliament after the two bills failed to sail through the National Assembly during the fourth session of the 8th Parliament amid indications that the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines had reservations on the way the bills are structured.

Tuesday the 12th of September witnessed President Robert Mugabe opening the fifth session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, meaning that all the bills that were introduced in the previous session will have to be reintroduced in the house for consideration.

Of the bills previously introduced are the Mines and Mining Development Bill and the Mining and Exploration Bill which are critical in guiding mining operations in the country.

National Assembly member for Zvishavane Ngezi constituency, Cde John Holder, who is a member of the Parliamentary Portfolio on Mines, told miners in Bulawayo that his committee had noted some problems with the way the bills had been structured especially the Mining Exploration Bill which could mean the disbandment of the Minerals and Marketing Cooperation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ).

Mberengwa Miners Association Executive Secretary, Mr Mukumba Njenje decried the costs involved for one to set up a mining venture, citing several certificates and an unfavourable pricing regime as challenges forcing many people to opt for illegal mining.

Stakeholders in the mining sector have called for an all stakeholders meeting which shall involve the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development officials and members of the responsible mining committee so that they iron out some of the contentious issues before the bills are reintroduced in parliament.

The passing of the two bills into law is critical as the pieces of legislation are vital in guiding the way mining operations are to be conducted in the country.