jeff botswana.jpgTwo musicians from Botswana Jeff Matheatau and Franko Lesokwane have been in the country to perform with local sungura Maestro Alick Macheso.

Harare revelers had a treat this weekend as Sungura king Alick Macheso held shows in Harare with Jeff Matheatau and Franko Lesokwane from Botswana.


This news crew caught up with the two Batswana musicians as they prepared to go on stage at the Harare gardens.


Jeff who lured fans with his Shona song ‘Zvinonaka Zvinodhura’ said with the exchange project that has been initiated by Macheso, he hopes his music will soon be very popular among Zimbabweans.


This is the second time that Jeff has performed in the country after staging successful shows alongside Macheso in 2006.  


The trio Macheso, Jeff and Franko held a successful show in Botswana last week and their collaboration album “clash of the giants’ is currently dominating the charts in Botswana.


During performances Franko and Jeff share the same band and the dancing girls. Franko who plays rhumba music says after their performances this weekend in Harare, he is looking forward to coming back again and is optimistic that Macheso will organise more exchange shows.  


The shows have been organized by local promoter red rose entertainment in conjunction with Alick Macheso.