morgan-tsvangirai-book-cover-at-the-deep-.jpgMDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has admitted a high degree of factionalism within his movement in his book launched late last year.

In the book, Mr Tsvangirai also attacked a member of his National Executive, Mr Gift Chimanikire and Professor Welshman Ncube, leader of another MDC formation.

Entitled “At the Deep End,” Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s book has been interpreted by different quarters as a vindication of long held claims that the MDC-T has thrived on foreign funding.

Though the MDC-T leader tries hard to downplay the foreign hand in the affairs of the party, he does so with very little success.

The admission that the Westminster Foundation provided £12 000 for what Tsvangirai calls “training of our election agents” gives a glimpse of why the nation should be wary of foreign penetrations and a desire to influence elections outcome in Zimbabwe.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s book also makes a very good attempt of denigrating former and current party members like Professor Welshman Ncube and the formation’s national executive member, Mr Gift Chimanikire.

Ncube is described as a superb boardroom idealist lacking grassroots insight, while Chimanikire is portrayed as a victim of machinations of the Ncube camp with him not realising that.

In short, the book is a chronicle of events that led to the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy, an assault on people’s livelihoods through illegal sanctions and an illegal regime change agenda through foreign intervention.