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The Prime Minister, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai is alleged to have breached cabinet rules after he reportedly sneaked out of the country without state security to attend some secret meetings in South Africa.


Impeccable sources say Mr Tsvangirai went to South Africa escorted by his party aides but came back with a fractured leg.

Security experts say the Premier’s decision to leave his close security behind was in breach of cabinet rules governing the Prime Minister’s Office which is a public office.

Mr Tsvangirai has kept people guessing over how he got his leg injured and some of his lieutenants claim that he sustained the injury during a golf session.



However, ZBC News has it on good authority that the MDC-T leader suffered the leg injury in South Africa during last year’s festive season holiday.

The sources further revealed that Mr Tsvangirai’s personal aide is alleged to have failed to explain or produce a report and evidence as to what exactly happened to the Premier.

pm fractured leg2.jpgWhile other sources continue to question the Prime Minister’s behaviour and latest claims that he fell from a tread mill at a gym in South Africa, diplomatic expert, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa challenged the Premier to stop operating like a member of the mafia and urged him to respect security requirements which befit his office.

The Prime Minister, who is a senior government official, is provided security by the state.

However, he has sometimes opted to use his party aides who do not have the required experience and qualifications.