Flood victims based at Sipepa transit camp in Tsholotsho could soon move to their new sites once the makeshift toilets are completed.

Stakeholders involved in resettling the victims want to maintain the defecation free zone status granted to Tshino and Sawudeni areas earmarked for the exercise.

Tsholotsho District Administrator, Ms Gladys Zizhou said their wish can only come to fruition once the necessary makeshift infrastructure is put in place to ensure their stay is in conformity with the minimum health standards set by the government.

Tsholotsho Rural District Council Engineer, Lawrence Nhandara gave an account of what each family will get at the 75 by 50 square metre piece of land allocated to each family in the new resettlement areas.

Already, 277 of the 290 stands have since been cleared for construction, amid calls for the government to speed up the availing of resources for the flood victims to move out of the transit camps and start a new life.