Tsholotsho flood victims who were resettled at Tshino and Esawudweni villages are in a desperate situation as the rains have started before their homesteads are completed.

Although many are enjoying the beginning of the rainy season, it is a different case with resettled flood victims at Tshino and Esawudweni villages who housed in tents since the previous rainy season.

The villagers have found themselves soaked in heavy rains three times.this poses challenges as some tents are leaking and allowing the inflow of water thus exposing both children and adults to the danger of contracting diseases while their belongings also risk being affected.

Tsholotsho Rural District Council chairperson Mrs Lindiwe Mkhwananzi said the district has been facing a shortage of tractors to move the building material to the construction sites forcing builders to move to other private projects while they wait for the material.

“We are very concerned have been engaging our partners to come on board and assist us and so far we have one additional tractor. Some of our partners are still promising to assist us,” she said.

At least 30 houses under construction at Tshino village have reached roof level while some are still at the foundation level.

At Esawudweni village less than 10 houses are at an advanced stage.

The entire project will see a total of 319 homesteads being constructed for the flood victims.