Some entrepreneurial community based organisations (CBOs) in Tsholotsho are taking advantage of cleaning up their area to make a living out of disposed waste materials.

The talk of cleaning up the environment has been gaining traction with each passing day with some Tsholotsho community based organisations already benefitting from these clean ups.

While they have been at it for almost five years now, the call by the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has ensured the whole community gets involved in the clean up, resulting in the easier availing of materials they use.

These CBOs take advantage of waste products that would be thrown everywhere in Tsholotsho to make such products as floor polish, handy crafts as well as providing containers to plant trees for resale.

A representative of Trees Alive Nursery, Mr Livison Ndlovu, revealed that theirs was an advanced approach to the clean up exercise.

Despite facing a number of challenges such as the shortage of water for the tree projects and lack of financing to go large scale for the other projects, these Tsholotsho entrepreneurs are smiling all the way as they can now afford to meet most of their families’ daily financial demands.

It is often said that when life gives one lemons, make lemonade out of it, such is the story of the Tsholotsho residents who revealed that they had already purchased a few production equipment including a cart to collect all the refuse in their area for recycling.