tshisekedi.jpgDemocratic Republic of Congo opposition leader, Etienne Tshisekedi, who rejected Joseph Kabila’s re-election as president, had himself “sworn in”  at his home in Kinshasa.


Tshisekedi, 79, who came second in the November 28 poll, defied a police ban on his “inauguration”, which had been planned for a football stadium in the capital, but did not materialise as the police clashed with supporters and officials of Tshisekedi’s Union for Democracy and Social Progress Party.


The defiant opposition leader took the oath on the Bible before his chief of staff, Albert Moleka.

Reports say government spokesperson, Lambert Mende dismissed the ceremony as a farce and an insult to oath-taking as the head of state only takes the oath before a Supreme Court judge.

Joseph Kabila, who has been in power since January 2001, took nearly 49% of the vote in last month’s election, with Tshisekedi coming second with 32%.

Kabila was officially sworn-in at a ceremony in Kinshasa on Tuesday.