charamba george.jpgPresidential Spokesperson, Cde George Charamba said the SADC Troika Summit held in Livingstone, Zambia was a success despite the procedural problems, which have since been ironed out.

Cde Charamba applauded the Troika’s condemnation of violence across the political divide and that the inclusive government should fulfil all the GPA outstanding issues including the sanctions.

“The Troika condemned violence, it did not ascribe violence to any political party but emphasised that all parties should refrain from intimidation. It also exhorted parties to fully implement the GPA, which means the removal of sanctions and the completion of the constitution making process to pave way for the elections. So in summary, Livingstone was a success as it emphasised on issues that the President and every progressive Zimbabwean has always been advocating for,”  said Cde Charamba.

The Troika said the end game is elections, in other words it wants the money to be released quickly for the completion of the constitution making process, which will pave way for the referendum and the eventual holding of elections.

Cde Charamba dismissed reports by private media alleging that President Mugabe told SADC to ‘go to hell,’ saying the reports are from those who do not wish the government well.

Cde Charamba also said an opinion piece in the Sunday Mail newspaper is not a government opinion.

“That opinion does not represent the government position. Zimpapers is a public quoted company and it is not a government mouthpiece, the government has its own channels of communication and I am the Presidential Spokesperson,” he said.

The SADC Troika Summit resolved for the full implementation of the GPA and the creation of a conducive environment for peace and security in the country.

As a result, parties in the GPA are currently working on the compilation of a report on the progress of the implementation of the GPA following review meetings held by representatives of the parties on Monday and this Wednesday in Harare.

The reports will be handed to South African president, Jacob Zuma’s facilitating team, which is in the country at the invitation of the inclusive government.