harare-magistrates-court.jpgThe trial of the three suspected robbers who robbed ZB bank in Nyanga continued today at the Harare Magistrate’s court.


The three – Lovemore Madiziyawo, Bright Madanha and Tafadzwa Nindi are denying the charges, saying they were only given a lift by the now late John Teramayi.


They say Teramayi bought them beer all the way from Rusape to Harare and up until midnight when they were intercepted by the police at the Sports Diner in Harare, where a shoot out between the police and the suspects resulted in the death of Detective Sergeant Joseph Maximus.

In their defence outline, the accused alleges that they never visited Nyanga on the day in question.  


In his evidence-in-chief, the bank manager said he saw the accused committing the offence and has positively identified them.