wayne davidson.jpgForeign athletes from different parts of the world have started arriving in the country for this weekend’s 2010 Troutbeck International Triathlon Union (ITU) African Triathlon Cup which takes place in the resort town of Nyanga.


The event, which takes place in Nyanga this weekend is an Olympic qualification race and is part of a series of races which will see the tri-athletes moving to Pretoria in South Africa next week.


Participating athletes have started arriving ahead of the event. Tri-athletes are coming from Brazil, South Africa, the United States, Croatia, Poland, Australia, Mauritius, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and the United Kingdom.


African Triathlon Union officials are also expected in the country at the event.


Zimbabwe champion Chris Feldgate, who is now based in South Africa and participated at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China, will carry the country’s hopes. Others are Joseph Anderson and Andrew Tanner.


In the women’s section, Australia-based Ashley Finaughty and local-based Andre Brown who took part in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore are also expected to take part in Nyanga. The two are Zimbabwe’s rising stars and hope for the 2012 London Olympics.


Triathlon is an endurance race consisting of three disciplines – cycling, swimming and road race.


Close to 20 elite triathletes and over 70 local participants will take part in the triathlon.