Proposals have been made for Treasury to consider prioritising finalisation of the digital migration project given the benefits to be realised from the programme.

The Portfolio Committee on Media, Information and Broadcasting Services said attention should be placed on the completion of the digital migration project.  

This emerged at the just concluded 2018 pre-budget seminar.

According to the committee failure to complete the project is delaying the potential benefits which include employment creation and content production.

The committee noted priority should also be placed on reform of the parastatals and implementation of the recommendations made in the KPGM forensic audit report on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said the ministry remains underfunded but however emphasized the determination to have sound digital broadcast infrastructure which can contribute to the achievement of universal access to information.

As part of the recommendations the Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services has highlighted the need for a favourable legal environment for media players to flourish, disposal of non-performing entities such as Kingstons Private Limited and strategies to enhance performance of the other parastatals.