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By Justin Mahlahla


‘Calls for Tsvangirai to resign mount’ is a headline in the Saturday Herald of 11 December 2010, in which political analysts have called for the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from government.


Lawyers for Human Rights National Coordinator, Advocate Martin Dinha, says criminal proceedings must be instituted against Prime Minister Tsvangirai.


He noted that the act of collaboration is not only a violation of Zimbabwean people’s trust, but also a violation of the Global Political Agreement and the country’s Official Secrets Act.


“They [wikileaks cables] provide very important probative evidence against the MDC and its leadership, particularly for those in government. People in government are bound by the Official Secrets Act and the provisions of the Global Political Agreement, which spells out the various obligations that the leaders must have, in particular with regard to the Prime Minister. There are obligations that he must endeavor to ensure that sanctions are removed,” said Advocate Dinha.


Those who fought for the liberation of the country from colonialism say the Prime Minister and others who work with foreign elements to institute illegal regime change in Zimbabwe should not be left off the hook.


Cde Tonderayi Nkomo, who is the War Veterans Chairman in Harare South, says the MDC-T must be held to account for being sell-outs.


“We are suffering right now and it is painful that some of our colleagues died in the bush during the liberation struggle and someone continues to be a sellout,” said Cde Nkomo.


Ordinary Zimbabweans, who also spoke to ZBC News voiced their concerns on the wikileaks issue, saying the MDC-T did not only act in a criminal manner, but has also revealed that the party does not belong to a historical movement that has national interest at heart.


Diplomatic documents published by whistle-blower, wikileaks, have revealed that MDC-T leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, is working clandestinely, or is it, with the US government to force President Mugabe out of power and install a puppet government that dances to the whims of its masters in the west.


Mr. Tsvangirai’s response to the publications is however baffling as it falls short of what anyone would have expected from a leader who became popular with former white commercial farmers, who are an offspring of Zimbabwe’s erstwhile colonisers. Indeed, such a response is surprising in that all of a sudden, close friends of the white-formed party have turned their backs on their puppet even before their regime-change mission is achieved.


And the guy in question – Tsvangirai – is not bothered! I beg to differ.


The United States, in case Mr. Tsvangirai did not know, are a treacherous lot who have played the same mind games with puppet governments in the history of many nations worldwide – Poland, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Pakistani and several others – and the majority of leaders in such ‘democracies’ usually pay the ultimate price.


While Mr. Tsvangirai wants Zimbabweans to dismiss the wikileaks as mere ‘lowly opinions’ expressed by a US diplomat, the contents of the cables may indeed prove that Mr. Tsvangirai is guilty of all that has been leveled against him – lying, playing double-standards, supping with the enemy, calling for sanctions against his own people and treason.


Ah, treason.


I recall around 2002 when Mr. Tsvangirai was indicted for treason charges after it was discovered that he allegedly connived with one Ari Ben Menashe, an Iraqi Jew who was educated in Israel, a former Israeli government employee who claims to have worked for the intelligence services of Israel.

Ben-Menashe came to the attention of the international media in 2002, when he alleged that Morgan Tsvangirai had asked him to help to “eliminate” President Robert Mugabe.


Ben-Menashe produced a videotape of conversations between himself and Tsvangirai in London, England, and Montreal, where the latter appeared to ask for Ben-Menashe’s help as a political consultant.

Of course, this came as a shock to Mr. Tsvangirai as Ben-Menashe’s Montreal consultancy firm at the time, Dickens and Madson, produced tapes of the conversation, resulting in Tsvangirai’s arrest.


And now calls have also been made for President Robert Mugabe, who is the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, to set up a commission of enquiry into Mr. Tsvangirai activities and possibly charge him for treason.


The question is: has Mr. Tsvangirai sold out? Yes, he has betrayed his own people – the Zimbabweans – by secretly calling for the maintenance and furtherance of sanctions on Zimbabwe, while publicly appearing to call for their removal.


Yes, he had betrayed his own people – the MDC-T supporters – by promising to deliver on democracy and the rule of law in Zimbabwe while breaking the same laws himself through engaging former colonisers to reapply themselves in the politics of the country.


Yes, he has sold out by appearing to be the man at the helm of a young and dynamic party full of empty promises to multitudes of Zimbabweans who are looking for real change, yet he is a puppet of the West whom, when they tell him to jump, he asks: ‘How high?’


So when the charge treason is brought to the fore, it carries with it a baggage of connotations that vary from whether Mr. Tsvangirai as a member of government is aware of whose interests he is supposed to champion, to whether he is deliberately misleading Zimbabweans, or rather, deliberately leading Zimbabweans back into colonialism by supping with the enemy.


Mr. Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!


If the United States has arrested Julian Assange for what it calls – forget the sex charges – treasonous offences against the State because he had tarnished the country’s image. The fact that his arrest comes hard on the heels of the wikileaks cables being published means the authorities were waiting for an opportune time? No!


The sex charges are trumped up. The real issue is Assange’s publications and they mean treason, as far as America is concerned.


Now if Assange can be arrested in the US for such an act, and if any resident of the European Union who speaks negative about the Queen of England is arrested for treason, why should Mr. Tsvangirai not be held accountable for a clearly proven case of treason?


Has he not been proved to be conspiring against his own government and his own people by working in cahoots with the enemies of the state?


What really makes this man tick? If he is left off the hook, then Zimbabwe really has no rule of law. Mr. Tsvangirai should know that he is a member of a government, upon which he continuously calls for more sanctions to be upheld, whether he prefers to call them ‘restrictive measures’ it does not change their effect.


If he is a true Zimbabwean who wishes to bring democracy to Zimbabwe, to restore the rule of law and to bring salvation to the masses, he should think twice about his dealings with a people who have now openly declared war on Zimbabwe’s economy, its people and resources, its sovereignty and nationhood, the Americans.


If he claims to be the light shining in Zimbabwe, why is he still dining with the darkness from the West? What agreement is there between him and the country’s detractors?


If justice is to prevail and Zimbabweans are to see the fox in sheepskin for who he truly is, then Tsvangirai should be held accountable for his actions. Treason can not be tolerated and should not come from a man who wants to appear as ‘one of us’.