The introduction of basic pre-hospital emergency care along major highways is viewed as the best way in reducing road carnage in Zimbabwe.

Reports indicate that most people lose their lives due to lack of emergency services as accident victims travel long distances to access the nearest health facilities.

Road accidents continue to deplete the pool of human resources in Zimbabwe due to lack of basic pre-hospital emergency care along major highways.

In the case of an accident that involved a King Lion bus at Nyamakate along the Harare-Kariba highway, up to now Nyamakate Clinic is not well equipped to deal with major traumatised victims.

The clinic has no capacity to deal with medical emergencies and many are of the view that victims of the King Lion bus could have been reduced if the clinic was equipped to deal with such emergencies.

India has managed to reduce road carnage by 10 percent through the introduction of trauma care facilities at every 100 kilometres along major highways.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa said the introduction of such facilities will reduce road carnage adding the dualisation programmes of highways must embrace and implement the concept.

Studies indicate that most accident victims succumb to loss of blood as a result of failure to provide immediate life saving treatment.

Capacity building and development of trauma care facilities on national highways is viewed as the best way to prevent unnecessary loss of life.