james chiyangwa.jpgCross-border transport operators are calling on government to stop the entry of foreign buses operating without permits on the country’s roads.


The call to clampdown on the activities of foreign pirate buses follows the influx of mainly South African buses which are plying the Harare-Johannesburg route without permits. 


Appealing to government for action, local transport operators said they are disgruntled with this scenario as they are forced to compete for business with unregistered foreign operators.


They also pointed out that government should tighten security at the country’s ports of entry so as to ensure that all foreign players’ operate with all the required documents.


“Our ports of entry are porous and we are calling upon government to intervene before local operators lose business to foreign players,” said one local operator.

The transport operators said they are trying to work with all the stakeholders to ensure that foreign players do not takeover the transport industry.


“We are bringing in all stakeholders to ensure that no stone is left unturned as we try to safeguard our business as well as protect the country who will disappear in the event of an accident,” said another operator.


Carnage on the roads has increased over the past few weeks and it is against this background that foreign transport operators should operate with the proper documents as some of these unlicenced operators will not compensate passengers in the event of an accident.


Even though about 140 buses were turned back at the Beitbridge border post last week after they failed to produce required permits, local bus operators say more needs to be done to stem the tide of foreign buses illegally plying Zimbabwean routes.