The newly appointed Harare Minister of State Engineer Oliver Chidawu said accountability, professionalism and hardworking coupled with his vast experience in local governance will be his key drivers to restore sanity and rebuild Harare to regain sunshine city status.

The former mayor of Harare in 1984, Engineer Chidawu said the era of corruption and non-deliverance by the city fathers will be a thing of the past during his term of office.

Senator Chidawu vowed to hit the ground running with his first shot aimed at restoring accountability from top to bottom.

He said successful implementation of the vision 2030 by Harare will be his target.

On the argument that Harare is now overpopulated the new Minister of State pledged to institute a holistic approach to ensure residents enjoy clean water, efficient sewage and reticulation.

Land barons will have no place during Engineer Chidawu’s term of office while retrogressive views by city fathers will not be tolerated.

He underscored the concept of devolution will go a long way in resolving the issue of congestion which have seen everyone coming to find home in Harare.