ass comm gen levi sibanda.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police says the continued training of police officers instills discipline in the organisation.


The remarks were made by the Deputy Commissioner General Human Resources, Levy Sibanda, at the graduation of police instructors held at Morris Depot in Harare.


The exceptional training of police officers has enabled the ZRP to perform well especially in peacekeeping operations.


The Deputy Commissioner General said the organisation prioritises training of officers to promote professionalism and achieve staff development. 


“This organisation is about discipline and we can only achieve it through training of our officers. We will continue training our officers to ensure they are ready to conduct any duties if need arises.”


The Zimbabwe Republic Police training programme has proved to be of high standard as trained Zimbabwean officers and those from SADC have performed their duties exceptionally well.


The Royal Police of Swaziland this year sent some of its officers to receive training on dog handling, while other countries have benefited in various fields.