traffic jam2.jpgThe driving into Harare’s central business district during the morning peak hour is fast becoming a nightmare leading drivers to call upon the local authority to come up with a sustainable strategy to control the situation.


Driving into Harare’s Central Business District in the morning which used to be a pleasure has now become a struggle that can be likened to entering a warzone where a fierce battle is raging.


Besides the increased volumes of traffic entering the City Centre in the morning rush hour, it appears the law of the jungle now applies with drivers especially those driving commuter omnibuses flouting basic traffic rules such as those governing overtaking and turning in front of oncoming vehicles.


While Commuter omnibus drivers have been associated with bad driving, it seems the cancer has now spread to other drivers as the rush to get into the city centre appears to take over the role of common sense.


The drivers say it is the council’s role to find a solution to the rush hour madness.
For local government expert Mr. Percy Toriro, a master plan for the City is the answer.


 “To complement the traffic master plan they should also come up with a management strategy that will include policing on the roads, awareness campaigns and maintenance of infrastructure,” said Mr. Toriro.


Local authorities should employ sustainable strategies that will reduce the flow of traffic into the central business district at the same time.


Motorists on the other hand should go back to basics and follow the regulations of the Highway code instead of being impatient in their quest to beat the traffic jam.