Service providers of consumptive and non-consumptive tourism services such as hunting and photographic safari are calling for urgent consideration in the allocation of foreign currency to allow them import goods needed in the sector.

The photographic safaris and hunting sector have failed to improve the quality of their products owing to limited forex to upgrade and rank among the best in the region.

The Chairperson of the Gwayi Valley Intensive Conservation Area, Mr Mark Russell said the processes to secure and take funds out of the country for the importation of key needs in the sector have negatively impacted on revenue and operations.

“We have to apply for our own funds through our authorised dealers or bankers, who in turn apply on our behalf to the central bank, which finally gives the authority for you to use your funds out of this country to import goods that are not available locally. It can be anything between three and four weeks for one to secure the foreign currency and that certainly has a negative impact on our sector,” he said.

As a result, facilities in hunting areas such as Gwayi, Tsholotsho and Matetsi in Hwange have not been refurbished, making them unattractive.

Meanwhile, the hunting industry, which is currently at its speak, has seen an inflow of foreigners.